What is HTML and how long it takes to learn HTML and CSS ?


What is HTML?

Hyper Text Mark-up Language, or most commonly known as HTML, is a markup language which is used to create web pages.

HTML, when combined with CSS
, gives a pleasant look and feel to the website.

html and cssHTML and CSS
Every Website that you view online or any web application which is present on the internet is all more or less, cooked in HTML.

HTML is the skeleton of the webpages, the markup structure that dictates the browser about the look and feel of the web page.

Like – how the received web page should look like, what things it should consist of, where should the HTML elements be placed and what will be the behavior of the web page.

HTML document is sent over the internet by the server to the browser of the user, which aftermath is decrypted and rendered by the browser into a multimedia format.

A Brief History of HTML

In early 1980, Tim Berners Lee, an employ at CERN, developed a system for CERN researchers to share documents, later in 1989, he proposed a internet based hyper text system which in later years, turn out to be HTML.

Later in 1991, Tim Berners Lee specified a set of 18 basic and initial elements for HTML known as “HTML Tags“.

Then Years and Years passed and now we have the most powerful, dynamic, and robust version of HTML till date, HTML- 5.

HTML and CSS makes up the Perfect Couple

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is the designing languages which is used over the basic HTML code to make a website look more appealing and attractive.

If HTML is the skeleton of the web then CSS is the skin

It Describes to the browser that how any HTML element should be presented.

For Example : If a HTML element tells the browser about a Heading tag then CSS will tell the browser that in what color, should the heading be presented in, which font family should it be written in, what should be the font size, etc.

Consider the following Code:

hello world in html
Source: W3School

the <h1> tag is specifying level 1, heading while,

style = “background-color:DodgerBlue;”

specifies the background color of the heading tag.

Like Wise, <p> tag specifies a paragraph, while

style = “background-color:Tomato;” 

specifies the background color of the paragraph.

Now, when a browser will render the following code, it will display an output, something like this:

Source: W3School
HTML, CSS and Java Script when combined, makes up the soul of the web. Java script is a scripting language that makes a static webpage, dynamic! and enable real time interaction between the user and the website

how long to learn HTML and CSS?

So, the question is, how long it takes to learn HTML and CSS?

Since HTML is all about tags and elements, it will not take a lot of time to learn, you can learn HTML in as short as 1-2 week, if you give 2-3 hours daily in learning and practicing it.

But CSS is pretty vast and long, there are lots of CSS elements and attributes to master but learning CSS too, should not take over 3-4 weeks if you put in, an average of 2-3 hours per day.

Why is it important?

HTML and CSS are one of the most important aspect of web development. HTML provides the structure of any webpage and CSS gives it life and looks.

Any person who’s looking for leaning a programming language should start with these two web developing languages, as they are not only the simplest to learn but also very useful.

Anyone who’s new to coding and development can also understand these two languages very easily and can design their own webpages and websites afterwards.


Both the languages are the essentials of web development and you can easily learn HTML and CSS in 4-6 weeks by appointing your 2-3 hours of learning and practice time for it, everyday.


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