Google Doodle celebrates 30th Anniversary of World Wide Web

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Today, on March 12, Google put up a Google Doodle on their search engine. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web, Or most commonly known as, The Web.
Google Doodle celebrates 30th Anniversary of World Wide Web
Google Doodle celebrating 30th Anniversary of the Web

What is World Wide Web?

As the name suggests, World Wide Web or the Web is the space on the internet, where different types of information, data or document is identified or accessed by Uniform Resource Locator ( URL’s ). For Example, Suppose you move over to Google to search about your favorite music artist, say Eminem and the Eminem’s Wikipedia page comes up.
Eminem's Wikipedia page
So in this case, this address: is the location of the information that you’re accessing about Eminem. We call this web address a URL. And the collection of all these information, files, videos or data makes up the Web. So, everything over the internet, is all the part of the Web.

A brief history of World Wide Web

An English Scientist, Tim Berners-Lee invented the WWW in 1989. He also wrote the Web Browser in 1990 while he was an employee in CERN.When it was in its early days, the Web used mainly two languages for its development, HTML and CSS. HTML is a markup language that tells a web browser, where and how things should show up. Likewise CSS is a styling language to manage the on-page styling, look and the behavior of HTML elements.Related: All you need to know about HTML & CSS But these days the Web is now more developed and more advanced which uses some powerful front and back end languages like, Javascript, Python, PHP and SQL to manage more complex tasks like watching videos over Youtube, Chatting with your friends on the Facebook or even while reading this article, there are some complex languages and systems that is continuously cooking for you under the hood.


World Wide Web proves out to a boon to the man kind, making our lives so easy and steady. Everything that you surf or use on the internet is a part of the Web. On this occasion since its launch, in 1989, Google celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web with a Google Doodle.
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