Firefox update brings more secure Internet Experience with Enhanced Tracking Protection


firefox enhanced tracking protection

Mozilla announced a more secure and privacy centered Internet experience by default for its new users in Firefox. To the new users who choose Firefox will be given enhanced tracking protection enabled by default.

Senior vice president of Firefox went on saying that..

We believe that in order to truly protect people, we need to establish a new standard that puts people’s privacy first.

Firefox is also offering privacy features like – content blocking and tracking protection in Incognito mode since a long time, that automatically blocks tracking content found on a web page.

Mozilla Firefox always respected user’s experience and their privacy and been really serious about it. Firefox being open source, their only motive is to provide more and more enhanced user experience to its users.

The Official Mozilla blog further read…

Firefox will be rolling out this feature, Enhanced Tracking Protection, to all new users on by default, to make it harder for over a thousand companies to track their every move. Additionally, we’re updating our privacy-focused features including an upgraded Facebook Container extension, a Firefox desktop extension for Lockwise, a way to keep their passwords safe across all platforms.

Enhanced Tracking Protection

enhanced tracking protection
Source: Mozilla

For all the new users who choose to install Firefox, this enhanced tracking protection setting will be activated as default by standard setting protocol that will block third party blocking cookies present on a website that you visit.

Here is what Mozilla has to say about their enhanced tracking protection update…

 Enhanced Tracking Protection will be practically invisible to you and you’ll only notice that it’s operating when you visit a site and see a shield icon in the address bar next to the URL address. When you see the shield icon, you should feel safe that Firefox is blocking thousands of companies from tracking your online activity.

Facebook Container Update

facebook container
Source: Mozilla

Facebook Container was a Firefox extension launched by Mozilla that bounds and operates Facebook inside a security shield or container that blocks Facebook from tracking you and your activity online.

The Facebook Container add-on reached 02 million downloads since it was launched and also played quite important role in getting Mozilla honored as one of the World’s most innovative company of 2019 by Fast Company.

In the latest Facebook Container update Firefox also starts blocking Facebook element capabilities present on web pages from tracking users and their activity.

Here is what Mozilla wrote about Facebook Container Update in their recent blog post…

When you are on a news site and reading an article, you often see Facebook Like and Share buttons. Our Facebook Container will block these buttons and all connections to Facebook’s servers, so that Facebook isn’t able to track your visits to these sites. This blocking makes it much harder for Facebook to build shadow profiles of non-Facebook users.


Mozilla Firefox is coming up with a new privacy and protection enhancement update which will make its users more secure against the third party cookies and tracking elements on different web pages.

Facebook Container is also undergoing a major update that will allow Mozilla to block Facebook tracking elements that track the user’s activity on a website on which that Facebook element is embedded.

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