EU: Sites using Facebook Like Button are in charge of users data

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The highest court in the EU issued a ruling that directly influences the websites using Facebook Like button. It states that the Websites that are using Facebook like button plug-in, must first acquire the consent of the users before the plugin processes and transmits the data to Facebook servers, Regardless of whether the button is clicked or not.

How to use Facebook Like button?

On the other hand, the website users should give an authentic explanation behind gathering the information from the users by means of facebook like button and transmitting it to facebook.

CJEU Involvement in the matter

Court of Justice of the European Union got involved in this matter after when a German Consumer Group sued the company ‘ Fashion Id’.
They claimed that the website abused their personal data protection rights through the use of Facebook like button.
Accordingly, a German court mentioned direction from the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Consequences of embedding Facebook Like Button

The consequences of embedding facebook like button on the website are whether or not the returning or new visitor has clicked on that button visitor’s personal data is still transmitted to Facebook.
CJEU said,

It seems that that transmission occurs without that visitor being aware of it and regardless of whether or not he or she is a member of the social network Facebook or has clicked on the ‘Like’ button.

As a result of the ruling, Facebook might have to change the way their developer modules work and also the sites that are using facebook modules in any way may ask you for your permission to share your data with Facebook via the like button just in the same manner as cookie policy notice.

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