Facebook is about to integrate Whats app, Messenger and Instagram


Whats app, Messenger and Instagram to get merged!
The Newyork Times reported that this idea to integrate Whats app, Messenger and Instagram, came from the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg himself.

The tri-messaging Plan

A report last week revealed that, the plan is to integrate the Whats app, Messenger and Instagram messages into one.

So a user of any platform can get in touch with the user of the other platform. Without having to register on that service.

Unity of Whats app, Messenger and Instagram

No, the Facebook’s messaging apps are not coming under the same roof.

Although they can get connected with each other. To enhance the ease of use and connectivity between all of the three platforms.

Independency of apps

By this means, Facebook apps are getting more independent and individual. Say, You’re a user of Whats App. May be because of the end-to-end encryption and whats app being a secure platform.

Then after the unity of all the three apps You’ll be able to message anyone on Facebook or Instagram, without the need of having an account on that platform.

Whats app losing End- to- End Encryption?

No, Whats app is a complete service in itself and no individual changes are happening to it. Whats App will still be having the end-to-end security chat system.

End-to-End coming to all apps?

Messenger don’t still have end-to-end security by default, but you can use it in the secret chats. But according to The Newyork Times, it is said that Mark Zukerberg ordered to introduce end-to-end in all the apps.

If done so, then this will be a great relief to all the people worried about Facebook’s spying of data and messages.

Do You have to link your Facebook with Whats app and Instagram?

This won’t sound great to most of the users but for this service to run, You may have to link all of your three platforms into one.

As we know Facebook also tracks the users who don’t have a Facebook account. By binding and linking up of all of the three chat apps, Facebook may serve better ads and make money.


If Whats app, Messenger and Instagram came together then it will give the users more in-dependency to connect with the people of the other platform without signing up for the same.

But it can also hurt the user’s privacy because binding all the three apps makes you more trackable so as Facebook can serve better ads.

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