Fact 02 – Apple’s first logo consisted of Sir Issac Newton sitting under a tree

apple logo
Apple is one of the oldest contributors to the world of technology.It had gone through so many revolutionary changes to become the “Apple” that we know today.It was also the first U.S company to hit the one trillion market value.And that famous half-bitten logo that everyone is a fan of, and wants to own.But did you know the very first logo of the Apple consisted of Sir Issac Newton?
apple first logo
Apple’s first Logo
It was before 1976 when Apple had its first logo, absolutely the “First Logo” that the co. founder Ronald Wayne has designed.The logo consisted of Sir Issac Newton sitting under a tree, where an apple was just about to fall upon him. This could mean to resemble the time when Newton actually discovered gravity.Steve Jobs also said that the apple logo was inspired by some of his childhood stories.


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