Android Q Deep Press support to be rolled out in new Upgrade

We’ve leaks and rumors about Android Q deep press function. But Google has not officially said anything on it and neither on when their 2019 Android upgrade i.e. Android Q and when will Android Q get published officially.But we’ve traces that its official stable release is probably going to be rolled out in the third quarter of 2019.   Before that, there will be different beta versions, that will be pushed to some particular devices.
android q deep press
iPhone’s 3D touch
We probably may get more details at Google I/O developer conference which is scheduled for may, later this year. Of Course, it’s the pixel line up which is going to be the first device in the party to get the Android Q update. But for the other devices, it may take a while.

Android Q Beta Program

Since the latest Android version is still cooking. And is in the beta version even though the beta program is made available for the Pixel users. Pixel users just need to get to the Android Beta program Website and sign in with their Google account. And then just follow up the prompts on their phone to get over the air beta download. Android Q’s second beta version is available now but is only for developers preview. It is not completely ready yet to be rolled out to the global devices.Android Q deep pressThe Android Q documentation revels the add on of a new feature to the Android environment, which is to be called as deep press.This is somewhat similar to Apple’s 3D touch.

What is IOS 3D Touch?

3D touch is a pressure sensitive functionality introduced by Apple from their iPhone 6 and later lineups that uses a capacitive sensor which is integrated into the display that senses the amount and degrees of pressure excreted by the user and responds accordingly.  3D touch is usually used for quick app functionality, where you just tap and hold the app icon for a while and it launches a quick toggle of the app’s most useful functionality to access and execute useful commands without having to open that app.ConclusionAndroid Q is coming with a deep press update in the third quarter of this year, which will give you the freedom to directly launch some useful app features just by pressing and holding the app’s icon for a while.It is somewhat similar to the 3D touch support that apple is providing in their iPhones since 2015.This will directly launch that feature after opening the app by itself. The user will have no need to firstly open the app and then go for that functionality.This will not only improve the Users Experience ( UX ) but will also save some micro seconds for the user. Although Some microseconds doesn’t count in this vast 24 hour scale. But at the end of the say, something is better than nothing. Google will discuss more on Android Q in its Google I/O developer conference, which is scheduled from May 07 to May 09. And will be held in Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California.

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