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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

How to turn on Windows Defender in Windows 10

July 31, 2019 0

How to turn on Windows Defender in Windows 10

We live in a period of innovation, where everything around us is some way or the other, connected with technology and is working on bits of codes.

Furthermore, for any bit of innovation that can be utilized can likewise be mishandled and the equivalent goes with the cyber world. The world is moving at an incredible pace and everything is getting digitalized.

Where we live all around codes and programming. So the cybersecurity is additionally actually quite significant.

We hear the instances of phishing, digital assaults, hacking, keylogging and client's information getting stolen.

So it turns out to be critical to guard us in the advanced world and afterward comes the possibility of an Antivirus program that shields us from any spyware, infection or trojan assaults by consistently checking and observing our framework for any sort of defenselessness.

A large portion of the well-known antivirus programs is paid. For which you've to pay a clench hand of cash to get that program for a year.

Yet, in case you're not wishing to put resources into purchasing any kind of Antivirus program right now then Windows Defender is here to ensure you.

It is one of the names among millions that can be trusted on this imprint and furthermore comes effectively incorporated with your Windows Operating System.

What is Windows Defender

How to turn on Windows Defender in Windows 10

As the name recommends, Windows defender is hostile to malware programming that comes pre-pressed with windows bundle that checks your pc for malware, infections, trojans and other hurtful bits of programming.

It was firstly released as a downloadable extra for Windows XP that later on was incorporated as default in the Windows working framework.

From the Windows 10 Creator update and later, it is presently known as - Windows Defender Antivirus.

Until Windows 8, Windows Defender used to secure the clients just against spyware however with time Windows Defender experienced plenty of updates and was presented with continuous insurance and was updated with virus signature engine and in Windows Anniversary update the Windows Defender was likewise facelifted with another logo.

Why Windows Defender?

The absolute first silver line is it's coming prebuilt with the windows working framework. So for the general population who need to utilize it, they won't need to download or introduce it from anyplace.

Also, the present form of the product accompanies all the basic highlights that are required to protect you.

It accompanies 03 filter choices:

01. Quick Scan

This outputs for the records that may contain defenselessness or malware follows. This scan is the quickest.

02. Full Scan

Full output sweeps every one of the drives and every one of the documents for each conceivable vulnerability and expends a hellfire parcel of time contingent on your drives, their abilities and the all outnumber of records.

03. Custom Scan

Utilizing this output sort, you can check a specific drive for potential dangers. This sweep is valuable when you think if any drive is vulnerable.

The protector additionally reminds you to update the virus and spyware definitions at whatever point you open the application, while the security runs real-time in the background and at whatever point any defenselessness is distinguished it flashes on your screen and the action is taken.

How to turn on windows defender?

How to turn on Windows Defender in Windows 10

The very first thing you might want to check is whether your windows defender is active or not? For that, you've to check your action bar by accessing it from the start menu. If it's not activated it will show that the real-time protection is off. If no such things are there, then your system is already being monitored.

For turning it on, follow the following steps:

01. Click Start... search for " Control Panel " and open Control Panel.

How to turn on Windows Defender in Windows 10

02. Hit the search box and search for " Windows Defender ".

03. This box will pop up and here it will show... " Real-Time Protection is off ".

04. Just turn it on from there and follow the on-screen commands.

05. Congratulations you just activated the Real-Time Protection.

The Bottom Line

Windows Defender is a free essential, security suite that contains fundamental security solution which is good to go security solution for the overall public who simply need to do some ordinary browsing and don't introduce any undesirable and unknown software.

Although it's not in the competition with the top rockstars of the category. But Yes! can get your basic security job done.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

EU: Sites using Facebook Like Button are in charge of users data

July 30, 2019 0

EU: Sites using Facebook Like Button are in charge of users data

The highest court in the EU issued a ruling that directly influences the websites using Facebook Like button. It states that the Websites that are using Facebook like button plug-in, must first acquire the consent of the users before the plugin processes and transmits the data to Facebook servers, Regardless of whether the button is clicked or not.

How to use Facebook Like button?

On the other hand, the website users should give an authentic explanation behind gathering the information from the users by means of facebook like button and transmitting it to facebook.

CJEU Involvement in the matter

Court of Justice of the European Union got involved in this matter after when a German Consumer Group sued the company ' Fashion Id'.

They claimed that the website abused their personal data protection rights through the use of Facebook like button.

Accordingly, a German court mentioned direction from the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Consequences of embedding Facebook Like Button

The consequences of embedding facebook like button on the website are whether or not the returning or new visitor has clicked on that button visitor's personal data is still transmitted to Facebook.

CJEU said,

It seems that that transmission occurs without that visitor being aware of it and regardless of whether or not he or she is a member of the social network Facebook or has clicked on the 'Like' button.

As a result of the ruling, Facebook might have to change the way their developer modules work and also the sites that are using facebook modules in any way may ask you for your permission to share your data with Facebook via the like button just in the same manner as cookie policy notice.

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Netflix and YouTube are coming to Tesla - Elon Musk

July 29, 2019 0

Netflix and YouTube are coming to Tesla - Elon Musk

In an ongoing tweet, Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk uncovered that Tesla Cars will before long be refreshed with Netflix and Youtube streaming capabilities.

Before you start to get upon the traffic rules, this element will work just when the vehicle is stationary and is not moving.

Be that as it may, in a subsequent tweet, Elon Musk additionally uncovered that once, the controllers enable cars to drive completely programmed with their full self-driving abilities, this component will be disclosed to the clients regardless of whether the vehicle is driving.

The steaming choices may go under the Tesla browser. Users may stream upon their preferred stage browsing Youtube or Netflix when the vehicle is parked and is associated with a network system.

Answering to a user, Elon Musk affirmed that this activity is a piece of V10 updates. At the point when Elon Musk originally discussed this V10 update in E3 - Annual game industry appears, back in June.

It will demonstrate to be an extraordinary activity to the users who hang tight quite a while for their children, leaving their schools or getting exhausted, holding up in the vehicle when your companions have gone out to angling a few tidbits.

And if a vehicle's full self-driving capacities are given a green banner, users might need to work on something while at the same time driving, rather than getting exhausted or looking outside at the trees.

Tesla has plans for those cutting edge minutes in time, just by now.

At the point when your Tesla is driving at its pace with its full self-driving capacities, you can just Netflix and chill or simply marathon stream your preferred recordings on Youtube.

In any case, those occasions, appear to be far away from now, as it will require a human cerebrum behind the wheels if something turns out badly.

Notwithstanding when self-driving innovation improves, it's difficult to envision when it will remove the driver totally from the driving seat.

Be that as it may, Yes, for the time being, after the updates Tesla clients can make the most of their Netflix and Youtube in their vehicle while hanging tight for a person or thing.
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Saturday, July 27, 2019

It's Time to Break Up Facebook, says Chris Hughes

July 27, 2019 0
It's Time to Break Up Facebook, says Chris Hughes
Source: The New York Times
Facebook is coping with a number of problems in the interim, inclusive of FTC’s five billion dollars satisfactory and further regulations concerning stricter privateness guidelines.

Facebook has to tool up for, but a few different troubles.

Its co-founder Chris Hughes, who began facebook with Mark Zuckerberg in Harvards, has released a campaign to interrupt the social media.

Hughes, alongside with his collaborators, is often touring 
lawmakers on the Justice branch to release a proper legal case for dismantling facebook.

A WSJ’s file says that he has prepared a 39-page slide highlighting the anti-trust instances the enterprise has faced during the last decade.

The case rests at the argument that Facebook has collected enormous energy with the resource of obtaining its competition and as a result squashing the opposition altogether.

Although on an interview on Thursday, Hughes stated:

I hope that my speaking out provides cover to a lot of other folks, whether former employees or current ones, to express ambivalence or concern about what’s going on. And I think there’s a lot to be concerned about.

Chris Hughes has come to be a major anti-FB activist after publishing a drastically popular opinion on The New York Times, titled, "Its Time to Break Up Facebook"

Hughes is not the only individual supporting the cut-up of this tech giant.

Numerous other popular names, together with Elizabeth Warren are included, who put up a billboard in Silicon Valley regarding the problem that also had the same sound thoughts.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Firefox update brings more secure Internet Experience with Enhanced Tracking Protection

June 05, 2019 0

Mozilla announced a more secure and privacy centered Internet experience by default for its new users in Firefox. To the new users who choose Firefox will be given enhanced tracking protection enabled by default.

Senior vice president of Firefox went on saying that..

We believe that in order to truly protect people, we need to establish a new standard that puts people’s privacy first.

Firefox is also offering privacy features like - content blocking and tracking protection in Incognito mode since a long time, that automatically blocks tracking content found on a web page.

Mozilla Firefox always respected user's experience and their privacy and been really serious about it. Firefox being open source, their only motive is to provide more and more enhanced user experience to its users.

The Official Mozilla blog further read...

Firefox will be rolling out this feature, Enhanced Tracking Protection, to all new users on by default, to make it harder for over a thousand companies to track their every move. Additionally, we’re updating our privacy-focused features including an upgraded Facebook Container extension, a Firefox desktop extension for Lockwise, a way to keep their passwords safe across all platforms.

Enhanced Tracking Protection

Firefox update brings more secure Internet Experience with Enhanced Tracking Protection
source: Mozilla

For all the new users who choose to install Firefox, this enhanced tracking protection setting will be activated as default by standard setting protocol that will block third party blocking cookies present on a website that you visit.

Here is what Mozilla has to say about their enhanced tracking protection update...

Enhanced Tracking Protection will be practically invisible to you and you’ll only notice that it’s operating when you visit a site and see a shield icon in the address bar next to the URL address. When you see the shield icon, you should feel safe that Firefox is blocking thousands of companies from tracking your online activity.

Facebook Container Update

Firefox update brings more secure Internet Experience with Enhanced Tracking Protection
Source: Mozilla
Facebook Container was a Firefox extension launched by Mozilla that bounds and operates Facebook inside a security shield or container that blocks Facebook from tracking you and your activity online.

The Facebook Container add-on reached 02 million downloads since it was launched and also played quite important role in getting Mozilla honored as one of the World's most innovative company of 2019 by Fast Company.

In the latest Facebook Container update Firefox also starts blocking Facebook element capabilities present on web pages from tracking users and their activity.

Here is what Mozilla wrote about Facebook Container Update in their recent blog post...

When you are on a news site and reading an article, you often see Facebook Like and Share buttons. Our Facebook Container will block these buttons and all connections to Facebook’s servers, so that Facebook isn't able to track your visits to these sites. This blocking makes it much harder for Facebook to build shadow profiles of non-Facebook users.


Mozilla Firefox is coming up with a new privacy and protection enhancement update which will make its users more secure against the third party cookies and tracking elements on different web pages.

Facebook Container is also undergoing a major update that will allow Mozilla to block Facebook tracking elements that track the user's activity on a website on which that Facebook element is embedded.

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